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RS Serge Resonant EQ RS Serge Resonant EQ
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€375.00 Tax included
The Serge resonant EQ from Random Source is a resonant ten band filter. It has a feedback function. We use the best styrenes caps for a Wonderfull sounding filter.
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€450.00 Tax included
Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator from Random source, Eurorack format. One of the most interesting Serge circuit. AD is very versatile, from slow range to vco (looping mode). It has the capatiblity to track...
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€305.00 Tax included
Classical Serge 12DB filter in eurorack. We use best Styroflex and Mica capacitors.
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€325.00 Tax included
Classic 24DB filter from Serge in Eurorack. We use best capacitors styroflex and Mica.