RS Haible Dual Wasp Filter

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Jürgen Haible's WASP Filter is now available for eurorack in a dual version with some modifications and addons - including a MODE section that acts as a dynamic link between both filters. It allows to combine the filters in series or parallel or anything in between - even voltage controlled(!). Also, each side can blend from lowpass to highpass or bandpass (yes, the notch is in there, too!) creating infinite filterbank combinations. A Sync switch has been added to be able to control both side’s cutoff frequency with from the left side. The unique distortion can be configured to PRE or POST for each side. This is a (mostly) through-hole version containing very few optional SMT parts (not included).

2 Identical Haible WASP filters including distortion

Blend from Lowpass to Highpass or Bandpass

Distortion can be configured to be PRE or POST

MODE blends from serial to parallel setup - even CV controlled.

SYNC: control Cutoff of both filters at the same time

Infinite options from 4-pole VCF to Stereo filter

Massive drone machine

Complex oscillator when patched to self-oscillate

No wiring needed

Random*Source has acquired Jürgen Haible's legacy and is the only authorized source of Haible designs.

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