L-1 Quad VC EQ

Awesome Quad Voltage Controlled Resonant Equalizer From L-1

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  • Four parametric equalizers with full voltage control connected in series.
  • Individual output of previous channel is connected to switched pin of next channel input jack.
  • Switchable to low-shelf on first channel, and to hi-shelf on fourth channel.
  • Switchable to selfoscillation mode via DIP-switches. For v/oct trimming.
  • Bipolar level control. +-16dB, CV range +-5V.
  • Bandwidth control 0.8...24 semitones. CV range +-5V.
  • Frequency control 10 octaves. CV range 0...10V.
  • Power consumption: V+ 193mA, V- 193mA.
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