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Hordijk Custom Benjolin Hordijk Custom Benjolin
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€285.00 Tax included
Custom version of the Benjolin with a high quality aluminium panel. Limited edition.
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€125.00 Tax included
System100 ADSR clone from Frequency Central, in Eurorack. The snappiest Envelope out there !
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€175.00 Tax included
True Eurorack clone of the famous Roland Juno 106 chorus. I uses same rare chips 
€115.00 Tax included
Clone of the famous Moog cp3 (transistor based mixer). It shines on saturation, adding nice harmonics to your oscillator waveforms.
€125.00 Tax included
Music Thing Modular Spring Reverb module in Eurorack. you can interface your Modular with a real spring Reverb (not included). Also, it offers an awesome Vactrol fader part.
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€160.00 Tax included
the famous shift register module from Music Thing Modular, V2 that proposes a step length.
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€325.00 Tax included
The Random Looping Sequencer (aka Turing machine) is a circuit that produces clocked randomly changing control voltages with a shift register. These can also be locked into loops that repeat every 8, 16 or 32 steps....
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€210.00 Tax included
Mxmxmx Ornament & Crime is an Eurorack Swiss Army knife. It contains lots of functions like quantisers, sequencers, LFOs, random/chaotic CV generators etc...